alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/100_0712.jpgRobbie Dodd of Dodds Acres Farm in Hanover, Virginia; holding a box of Hanover tomatoes for me to take to Our Market!

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/100_0713.jpgBee hives - our supplier of local raw honey!

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/100_0722.jpgHeidi harvesting our first ripe tomatoes!

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/100_0765.jpgDavid Jenson, of Jensons' Peach Orchard in Toano.

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/medinner.bmpHeidi, feeding "Lucky" at BouroughsLand farm in Barhamsville.

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/100_0741.jpgDodd's Homestead.


HensHappy Hens; our source for free-range eggs!

alt mce_tsrc=images/stories/jamberries.jpgberries ready for picking!

More Farms And Photos On The Way!