EGG SHARE (CSA add-on)
Our eggs come from happy hens!  Our hens are never given added hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Our hens are free to range in their own yard and eat all that nature provides for them! When we do find it necessary to supplement their diet, we give them a pea based grain which is made locally here in Virginia.
Egg Share Add-on: 
Receive one dozen eggs each week as an add-on to your CSA Share. Add an Egg Share to your Fall Share for only $36.00.  To add an Egg Share onto your Spring only or Summer only CSA Share, the cost is $40.  If you have signed up for the Spring AND Summer CSA Share, the cost is only $76. to receive fresh eggs from April 21st through August 18th.   If you are receiving home delivery for your CSA Share, there is no additional delivery charge. If you are picking up your CSA Share, simply pick your eggs up along with your fruit and veggie basket!  
Egg Share Add-on Options
*No Refunds*